Frequently Asked Questions



How much information do you need to cast a spell for me?
Once your order has been placed, the priest  will contact you by email. The information needed for casting a spell can vary depending on the type of spell you have requested. Please be assured that all information is strictly confidential and is used only for the purposes of spell casting

Do you need additional information for spells that involve other people?
Generally speaking, the more descriptive you can be about the situation, the better. We do usually ask for the names of the other people to be included in the spell. However, any extra information that you can provide is welcome

How do I know when my spell will be cast?
Once we receive your order and all information needed for your spell we will send you a letter through email. Enclosed you will find information about the day your spell will be cast along with any other instructions

Do I get to choose when you cast my spell?
We have found that things usually work better if you let us pick the date. Due to each witch’s casting preferences, they do keep their own schedule. Spells are time and energy consuming rituals that require some amount of recuperation after casting. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, and schedule ourselves accordingly. However, if you do require that your spell be cast on a specific date, we ask that you make your request at least six weeks in advance. The exception to this is Urgent Cast Spells, which are cast within 36 hours of ordering

Why do you charge for this?
The prices we charge are quite low, considering the type of results we provide. The reason we charge is to cover our basic expenses so that we can continue to do this work for you on a full time schedule

Do you summon dark forces or the devil to do your spells?
Not even close. I summon the powers of the elements, wind, water, etc.. Also I summon on the power of ancestors and past spirits. No name of Shaiton (The Devil) is ever made in any type of spell I perform. We stay away from evil as best as we can.

I am a different religion. Will the spell still work for me?
The benefits and love of African voodoo is open to all people of any race, religion, or color. Nature works for people who ask for her help. You can still be a devout Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.. and still receive the benefits of ancient African voodoo.

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other services that are similar?
Well, that is simple. I have devoted my life to a simple life with nature. The income I make from this site goes to supporting me and my family, my temple, my community and keeping this website up, and supplies for the spell cast. Therefore there is no reason charge prices in the hundreds like most other places do.

Will my purchase be private?
Yes. All purchases are made through PayPal, they will never give out any of your information out to anyone but me. I will never give out any information to anyone as well. All your information and requests are kept 100% confidential.

Will I ever have to meet with you in person?
Not at all. All the work is done by me privately in my temple. Nothing more than some basic information about you is what is needed. I will simply let you know when the day of your spell cast is and you will need to say a short prayer on that day (to help link us) and that's it. I will then contact you and let you know when the spell has been cast. All contact is done through email.

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Disclaimer: You may only order the service if you are over 18 years old. Individual results may vary. If you're not completely satisfied, I will refund your money. Like any other religion Voodoo is spiritual in nature and transcendent to reality beyond objective experience.